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Top 10 Filter Brewing Gear in 2022!

Today, I’m going to share my top 10 current favorite filter coffee and pour over brewing pieces of gear and accessories that made the cut to live on my coffee bar in 2022.


So starting at number 10, glassware and drinkware.

This is an easy one for me. Of all the mugs, cups, and drinkware I have - the best ones I’ve used for filter coffee is easily an Ember mug.

Now look, I know there’s some of you out there already screaming bloody murder because its an expensive mug. And I get it. But using one is so so good. Just sitting at your desk all morning with the perfectly warm cup of coffee, never getting cold. Allowing you to enjoy it for longer.

It’s just such a good feeling and that’s why its my favorite.

But, apart from an Ember mug, I love drinking from just your regular ole diner style mug. I got this one from my local George Howell coffee shop and just the rounded lip and shape evokes such warm feelings of sitting and enjoying dark-ass coffee with a traditional american breakfast at a diner.

At number 9, Third Wave Water. Now I don’t use this all the time, simply out of practicality because I don’t have an easy way of getting distilled water in here.

Now I’m sure that’ll change in the future but for now, I save these for when I come across a particularly enjoyable coffee because it truly enhances the taste and brings out more of those intended tasting notes from the roaster.

Speaking of enjoyable coffees, some of my favorite roasters this past year has been Onyx Coffee Labs and SEY coffee.

Onyx, as I’m sure you know at this point if you follow them on socials, has got loads of heavy hitters and titles and championships associated with them from Lance to Morgan, Andrea, and so many others. So they make some real good coffee.

Another one is SEY out of New York, one of Brian’s favorite roasters. They make some really light roasts that I brewed with a 5 minute steep on a Hario Switch and it was probably my most memorable cup this past year.

You can’t go wrong with either and I suggest you try em out.

Next up is a good ole Aeropress with the metal filter. The Aeropress is such an easy brewer for those mornings you just don’t want to carefully pay attention to a gooseneck kettle and scale.

And the metal filter provides cups that have just a bit more body to them and a little richer mouthfeel that I personally enjoy. It’s a new filter from Aeropress that came out in this past year that I’ve enjoyed using - plus its reusable.

Only caveat being that its just a touch annoying to take out ahead of knocking out the spent grounds.

At number 6 its a classic V60. Probably the brewer I’ve used more than any other this year, although not my current daily brewer.

I have the matte black metal V60 for style points and also the plastic one with the glass carafe to help with swirling for some really nice and saturated grinds.

The carafe one specifically helps with brewing in styles that require a lot of agitation like the Hoffmann method. It was actually my first V60 before getting the matte black one and probably still my go-to V60.

At number 5, its my actual daily brewer, the Orea V3, Orea filters, and the Negotiator. A unique 3D printed tool used to fold these filter papers to fit the Orea.

It’s a great flat bottomed brewer that is super consistent, basically indestructible, and comes in a variety of materials and colored bases that make this a cool brewer that you can personalize.

It’s also just kinda fun having this additional step to use the tool to fit these papers.

At number 4 it’s the Acaia Pearl S, it’s basically the only scale I’ve been using to brew anything not espresso over the last 2 years plus so that’s the one I’m gonna recommend!

I’ve tried other scales like the Normcore, Hiroia Jimmy, and Timemore - but I usually keep coming back to the Pearl.

It works well, reliable, and has held up well to date.

At number 3 its the Fellow Stagg EKG Studio Pro. A kettle that I made fun of in the review and has absolutely not changed the way I do anything with regards to using my kettle in the morning, but hey - its a good kettle.

It looks good, works well, and does have extra modes should you need it.

I especially love the walnut accents that complements my entire set up.

At number 2, its going to be grinders. Specifically the Fellow Ode Gen 2 and the DF83.

For clarity driven brews, the DF83 has been my go to for very light roasts and long steeps on the Hario Switch. The Fellow Ode 2 gives very balanced cups and the workflow is just so ridiculously enjoyable with the auto purge and ionizer that basically eliminates chaffing.

I have a full review of each grinder that you can find on the channel.

Honestly, with the new Gen 2 Burrs in the Ode 2 - this is my go-to recommendation for a brew grinder at this price point.

The DF83 will be my recommendation for a higher end grinder. And with regards to the Acaia Orbit sitting behind me, well, wait for the full review on that one.

At number 1, it’s the ultimate filter coffee brewing accessory that is designed by my friend Raymond and its a 3D printed organization caddy by FDM by OptikalBlitz.

A super talented designer and 3D printer, this one was made custom for me, and he does occasionally do commissions but also has a range of modular versions you can choose.

The quality of these are phenomenal and truly feel like a product. My custom one has red accents and a garage for the Acaia Pearl, and it’s got slots for everything.

Slots for different filters, the Melodrip and Melodrip lift, Kruve Brew sticks, cupping spoons, the negotiator, and even an RDT bottle.

I absolutely love it. It looks cool, its super functional, and I think every coffee bar needs one.

So that is going to be my top 10 pieces of filter brewing accessories and equipment that has made the cut over the last year.


For more about the coffee and other equipment I personally use today, check out my brew gear or storefront!

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