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Brew Gear.
Equipment I currently use to brew pour overs, espressos, pumpkin spice lattes, and more.Ignore the placeholder images!

Lelit Bianca V3

Endgame tier espresso machine with dual boilers and flow control.

Profitec Pro 800

Satisfying-to-use spring lever espresso machine that's a sight to behold.

Weber Workshops EG-1

The most extravagant coffee grinder for the home one could possibly own.

Fellow Ode Gen 2

My favorite brew grinder for batch brew with a clean workflow.

Fellow Stagg

Arguably the best looking precision gooseneck pouring kettle today!

Comandante C40

My go-to hand grinder for traveling with excellent performance and build quality.

Fellow Tally Smart Scale

The best brew scale I've used to date with an intuitive and easy-to-use ratio calculator.

Acaia Lunar Smart Scale

A standardized espresso scale in the realm of espresso for home and commercial use.

Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner

Every espresso machine owner should have some of this for regular cleaning schedules.

Rag Company - Microfiber Towels

Great set of microfiber towels I've been using for years.

Pullman Bigstep 58.5mm Tamper

The precision 58.5mm tamper I use most of the time. Custom brass and olive wood configuration.

Baristapro Nanotech 58mm Baskets

The portafilter baskets I like to use the most with a coating that makes pucks pop out easy and clean.

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