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The DF83 Review

This is the DF83. Big brother (or sister) to the ever-popular quote unquote “niche killer” DF64 line.

It’s a grinder that looks identical to the DF64, with some elements of the DF64-P, but scaled up to a bigger size.

And right now, it’s my favorite brew grinder.

Today I’m reviewing the DF83 which, full disclosure, was sent to me by Espresso Outlet but this video is not sponsored and no money exchanged hands, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Review my ethics statement here.

This is a grinder that I was super interested in trying out because I haven’t had much experience with flat burrs beyond that 64mm size that you see in grinders like the DF64, Lagom, many eureka models, etc.

And right away, I’m going to call this thing a clarity beast. I can only imagine what a 98mm burr on something like a Kafatek or Lagom P100 might be like.

But before getting into that, let’s talk about the build quality.



The build here is, unsurprisingly, similar to the DF64 and 64P. It’s an extremely dense grinder and very heavy grinder.

The material on the outside is the similar to the 64P with a nice matte black even finish.

It also has the same improvements that the 64P has over the 64 regular like better aka less retention, thicker base, and wood accents. But unfortunately does have a side button and cable placement which I’m not a fan of.

The DF83 unlike the 64P uses the same adjustment mechanism as the 64, which I actually prefer, and probably also because its not solely espresso focused like the P is.

The build on this grinder is great all around. But I wish they would update small details here and there like the rubber grips for the dosing cup aren’t fantastic because they pick up coffee grounds quickly.

I also wish they had some kind of indicator built into the ring of the grinder rather than using an add-on that almost feels like an afterthought. Though, I’m still glad it exists.

The grinder does come with some accessories, including bellows and a little chamber for larger grind doses.

Similar to the DF64P, the grinder jumps a little when turning it on, but not nearly as much probably due to its massive weight.



Using the grinder is just about the same as the DF64, so if you are familiar with that, then it’s not much different to talk about.

I did still see an improvement in using a little RDT spray ahead of grinding to prevent static.

The retention here is great, and the bellows just makes it a little better. I’ve been able to get out pretty much what I’ve put in.

And this thing also grinds FAST with those huge burrs. I’m able to grind through 18g espresso doses in under 10 seconds, and filter brewing doses in even less.

This thing is a little louder and has a much higher RPM than something like the Niche Zero, but because it's so quick, I don’t find it all that disturbing.



For filter, I’ve had brews with clarity I’ve never tasted at home from other grinders. It really brings out fruit forward tasting notes in my brews. Depending on method, I’ve also had some really light bodied tea-like textures.

Personally, I like a richer body and mouthfeel, and I’ve been able to achieve that with using cloth filters to retain the body and still achieve that great clarity.

One of my most memorable brews of the year has in fact been from Sey Coffee ground on the DF83 and brewed with a 5 minute steep in a Hario Switch, and it was an absolutely delicious fruity cup with no astringency or harsh acidity at all.



For espresso, this grinder has been awesome. I was fully expecting this to be very light bodied ultra clarity shots but surprisingly, I’ve retained a lot of gooey textured full bodied shots.

With the beans I’ve been using, I’ve been getting huge chocolatey and caramely tasting notes that have paired beautifully with milk. In my opinion, if you’re a milky drink fan like myself, this is the ultimate milky drink grinder.

While still retaining a lot of the great qualities of the beans paired with it, the texture and aromatic notes still pull through even when blended with milk.

Coming from something like a Niche with conical burrs, the huge 83mm flat burr grinder is a stark contrast. At its price point, in my opinion, its a fantastic point of contrast.

Unlike Kyle’s experience with the DF83, my burrs seemed fairly well aligned out of box which I was glad to see.



So to wrap up this summary of the DF83, it’s really, really good. For an average home user - I think you’re going to love this grinder.

It’s really competitive for what it offers at its price point, in my opinion, and because its just so starkly different from anything else I’ve tried - it’s been super enjoyable to test and use.

In my opinion, this is the grinder to beat in 2023 for me for its relatively low $700 price point.


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