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Olive Oil in Coffee? - The Starbucks Oleato

So recently I came across a bunch of articles, videos, and general talk about this line of beverages from Starbucks called the Oleato which is essentially Starbucks coffee infused with Partanna brand extra virgin olive oil.

They claim its velvety smooth and deliciously lush.

So, naturally, I wanted to try it for myself. Sad to find that its only being served in Milan right now. So I did what any sensible person making coffee videos on the internet would do and booked a one-way flight to Mila-. I’m kidding. Obviously, I didn’t do that.

What I did do is drive by my local grocery store and bought a bottle of Pertanna extra virgin olive oil, Oatly oatmilk which is what Starbucks uses, and of course, some Starbucks Blonde Espresso roast beans, to do my best at recreating this drink at home.

Watch the video for the taste test and my live reaction!


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