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My Top 5 Coffee Gifts this Holiday Season!

Happy Holiday season, I hope you’re using this time to share gifts, enjoy the cooler weather, and of course, brew some coffee for your friends and family.

If you’re looking for a coffee themed gift for the home barista, here are my top 5 picks for gifts this holiday season with a theme on an intentional coffee experience.

Even if you don’t decide to purchase anything I’ve recommended here today, maybe this’ll spark some ideas for you to come with something creative for your friends and family this year.



This first item is this! A tiny milk frothing pitcher. Honestly, this little thing is cute enough to even hang as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

I’ve recommended it before because it really is just a fun little tool that’ll definitely bring a smile to your home barista, and even has its specific use-case scenarios. Maybe you want to make a macchiato, a real macchiato, without much waste - just use this.

I would however be cautious with a higher powered steam wand because it can get a lil splashy.



The next item is a touch of personalization. Whether you go for an inexpensive option off Etsy, or perhaps a more premium accessory from a local woodworker, cosmetic modifications to existing items can be a great way to introduce a little extra spice in something that’s already owned.

For example I’ve got these gorgeous wooden accents on all my different devices from this walnut handle and lid from Plenum Labs, to the custom Olive wood lids from Five Ounce Design, to even a full set of Olive wood handles and knobs for my Profitec Pro 800.

Customization is always a great way to let someone know that you pay attention to their crippling, I mean, enjoyable coffee hobby and they’ll definitely think of you every time they go to use said item.



Now I guarantee you, even if you think that coffee person in your life has everything - they haven’t seen this one yet.

A coffee advent calendar is such a beautiful and unique way to really experience coffees from all over the world.

This one I have here is from 19 grams coffee and right now you can also use discount code XRIS10 for 10% off. It literally has coffees from 24 different countries all over the world, each with its own little backstory and information about it.

I can’t even begin to imagine the planning that goes into putting together a kit like this and it's no wonder it's something only offered once a year.

I’ve now had the chance to brew through some of these coffees and each one is so unique and really helps you identify certain characteristics about coffees from certain regions.



Good coffee grinders are getting cheap, and cheap coffee grinders are getting good. There’s really no need to break the bank anymore when it comes to getting a decently performing coffee grinder.

From excellent entry level options like the Baratza Encore and Encore ESP to newer releases like the Fellow Opus, coffee is more accessible than ever.

For an all-rounder grinder sticking to a more budget focus, I would highly recommend the Fellow Opus which is capable of brewing espresso to filter just fine!

Other fantastic brew grinder options would include the Fellow Ode Gen 2 or the DF64 Gen 2, both of which I’ve got reviews on. Despite having a $4,000 grinder behind me, the Ode certainly gets its use in our kitchen set up with the Moccamaster.

On the more premium tier, I personally have been loving 83mm flat burr grinders like the Niche Duo or DF83.

And if you need to entertain a crowd this holiday season with an espresso set up, look no further than the Eureka Mignon Libra.

These days, you can even get a lot out of very little - and I’m talking hand grinders. While I personally have not had the opportunity to test a ton of hand grinders out there, I’ve still been loving my Comandante C40 for the last few years and have no inclination of replacing it.



And last and most expensive on the list is an espresso machine. It’s no secret that these things aren’t cheap. I’ve listed a few options in the description from more budget end manual devices like a Flair to mid-tier espresso machines like the Rocket Appartamento to the highest tier with items like the Lelit Bianca or Profitec Pro 800. All of which I’ve had personal hands-on experience with at some point in the last few years.

Espresso is the absolute epitome of intention. Every step has to be done and brewed so precisely to ensure a clean, even extraction of your bed of coffee. It’s the reason why I started this coffee channel.

While it can be difficult, espresso truly teaches you about how every component in the coffee brewing process influences the final cup and I personally feel it really does embody the essence of an intentional brew.

So with that, those are my 5 items this holiday season really honing in on the idea of an intentional coffee brewing experience!


For more about the coffee and other equipment I personally use today, check out my brew gear or storefront!

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