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What's On My Coffee Bar? - 2022 Edition!

As always, you can find everything I used (or have used) on my coffee bar available on my website here! If you enjoy my content, don't forget to follow on Instagram, subscribe on YouTube, and consider joining as a channel member to help support me and the channel!

It’s Xris here and welcome to my end of year ridiculous coffee bar tour with 2 high end espresso machines. As a quick disclaimer, I’ll point out when something was sent to me for free.

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So, let’s kick it off.


Okay so let’s start on top of the coffee bar making our way from left to right followed by what’s underneath, and then the surrounding decorations.

This year I have a brand new espresso machine courtesy of the kind people at Cliff & Pebble and that is the Lelit Bianca v2. I’m super excited to even have the opportunity to own a machine like this and am super grateful for them sending it out to me.

Be sure to check out Cliff & Pebble using the link in the description if you’re in the market for a new machine, they have a huge selection including the Rocket Appartamento and even offer financing options - and the team there is super helpful if you need any help.

I’ve only had this machine for a few days so I can’t share my full thoughts on it just yet, but expect that in a full review at some point as well as comparisons to the Rocket.

With the Lelit Bianca I’m using an upgraded IMS nanotech showerscreen along with nanotech baskets and I love this stuff because whatever magical coating they put on their products helps pucks get knocked out super easily and cleanly.

With that I’m also using the all metal Pesado portafilters that I’ve had for some time, both in the bottomless and spouted versions. One of these was gifted to me by Pesado.

Since getting the Bianca I’ve also enjoyed using the unique Lelit spouted portafilter that has the front-facing spouts.

Next to the machine I’ve got a rubber bar mat where I try to centralize all my puck prep. Here I’ve got the walnut LaMarzocco Knock Box, Saint Anthony Industries Bloc which was a gift from my girlfriend about a year ago and has held up well since.

I’m using this generic needle distribution tool, Bravo distributor, and my Pullman Bigstep tamper for my puck preparation tools of choice.

I also like to keep a little box housing my cleaning brushes and my 2 puck screens nearby.

For my grinders of choice I am still using the Niche Zero with custom wood accents from Trunk & Stem as well as the Comandante C40 Mk4 with the Skope motorizer I featured recently which was gifted to me.

In front of that I have a rubber mat from Normcorewares and the Acaia Lunar.

Then of course I still have the Rocket Appartamento as I do some tests and comparisons to the Bianca.

Finally at the far right, I’ve got the 3D printed filter holder by FDM by Optikalblitz which features slots to house all my filters including V60 filters, Sibarist V60 filters, Stagg filters, Aeropress filters, and an RDT bottle. Be sure to check out my video on this product if you haven’t already.

Underneath that I’m using the Acaia Pearl S smart scale that, surprise surprise, I also have a video review on.

Right behind that is my Fellow Stagg EKG kettle which was gifted to me by my girlfriend and the walnut wood accent kit which was sent to me by my friend Brian - check out his coffee centric YouTube channel linked below for some real coffee expertise.

Now the bar itself is called the Render Sideboard that I bought from a company called Modway. I love the look of it but would probably stick to a more robust countertop in the future like quartz or marble on metal legs.

Now let’s take a look inside the bar starting with the top middle drawer.

This is where I keep milk pitchers, cups and glassware, and some other random things like my Aeropress and other filters.

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