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SCA EXPO BOSTON 2022 (ft. Morgan Eckroth, Lance Hedrick, and more!)

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This is the Specialty Coffee Expo Boston. 2022.

What is it about?

What is this huge gathering of coffee farmers, producers, roasters, and consumers from all over the world really about?

What is this expo about to me - as a non-coffee professional, but simply a home brewer and a quote unquote coffee YouTuber?

Is it about the gear? Probably not. Well, maybe, but just a little.

Is it about the coffee? Yes, but also no. While there’s a plethora of opportunities to learn, experts to interact with, and maybe most importantly, coffee to taste, there’s still so much more here.

The Specialty Coffee expo is about so much more than just the coffee.

As someone who has only gotten into this coffee hobby in the last couple of years, its been absolutely incredible to see where it's taken me, both literally and figuratively.

This year, I asked some of my friends what the Specialty Coffee Expo meant to them. Here’s what they had to say.


But, above all, there was a strong underlying theme that connected everyone’s responses. And that is…


But, what about to me? This was my first time at any kind of coffee-centric event.

And I can wholeheartedly say, this is about the people, the competition, the culture, the community, the familiar faces whether it’d be those we’ve only seen through social media and are finally meeting for the first time or those that we’ve known for years past and will know for years to come.

The Specialty Coffee Expo really is the culmination of a community, brought together by a beverage consumed worldwide but held together by the bonds formed and friendships forged along the way.

Thanks for having me, and maybe I’ll see you all next year in Portland.

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