Keyboard Assembly

1. The customer must gather all necessary parts for a completed keyboard build

2. Invoice is sent to client for build services and return shipping

3. Customer ships all parts to me

4. Keyboard is built, and at my own discretion, may also include a YouTube Build Video

5. Keyboard is sent back to the customer


Build Rates

Modding Rates

≤ 40%

≤ 65%

≥ 65%




Stabilizer Rework

Switch Lubing

Switch Filming

Spring Swapping

$2 / Stabilizer

$0.65 / Switch

$0.15 / Switch

Free with switch mods


Terms & Conditions

1, Shipping is covered both ways by the customer
2. No lead time guarantees, the customer can expect a reasonable time frame

3. Any damage present on parts on arrival will be noted to the customer prior to building
4. The keyboard will be returned in the same packaging it arrived in, I am not responsible for damages due to shipping

5. No desoldering or handwired services are available

6. Provide a minimum of 5 switches more than necessary in case of defects

7. Keycaps are optional (I have my own sets for sound test purposes)

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